Fundraiser in a Box


Every year we receive a huge amount of support from local business through our Workplace Campaign, but some workplaces might not be set up to best utilize this convenient payroll deduction program, and others might just bee looking for an interactive way to get their staff members engaged in giving back. For us it's always about making things as simple, and what could be simpler than a self-contained fundraiser in a box? Inside you'll find all of the information, ideas, and guidance you need to create a fun small scale fundraiser right in your office. As with everything we do, it's intended to adapt to your specific circumstances though, and you can both deviate from the suggested methods to best suite your crew.


What's included?

  • A quick guide with four fundraiser ideas and a basic 
  • Two very large jars filled (trust us, they're important)
  • United Way promotional items and swag
  • A USB drive with information and a video
  • Resource/information pamphlets
  • Donation/Feedback cards

After a week, or a month, we'll swing by and retrieve the box with your team's contributions and celebrate your job well done!

Contact to learn more!