Nancy Perry Day of Caring

We had right around 800 volunteers and a standing-room-only breakfast! Find more photos from Day of Caring by searching #NPDOC22 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors who made this day possible!


Jess Barraclough from our staff, has recorded several videos that walk you through different parts of the sign-up process on If you have additional questions, please email her!

Creating Your Account


How to Complete the Qualifications Document on


Day of Caring Individual Sign-up Walk-through


Day of Caring Team Sign-Up Training (session recording)


Day of Caring Team Sign-Up Walk-through


Day of Caring How-To: Adding Team Members


If your agency wants to find volunteers for Day of Caring and you missed the training, you can now view the video sessions. If you still have questions after watching both videos, please contact Jess Barraclough at

Agency Training Recording


Creating an Opportunity for Day of Caring in


Please contact, for questions about volunteering.