Giving To The United Way

When your business supports the United Way of Kaw Valley, you are setting a positive example and choosing to play an active part in pushing towards racial equity, providing basic needs, and the United Way's ongoing fight against poverty. By engaging your business in our Workplace Campaign you can help our community, through identifying a method which best suits your circumstances, and in a way which empowers your employees and celebrates your companies willingness to contribute.


Campaign Toolkit

Whether your campaign is in-person, virtual, or something in between, CLICK HERE to find the tools and resources you need to run a successful campaign.


Ways to Support

Here are a few way to support through your Workplace Campaign. You can use just one method or any combination of the four.

Payroll Deduction:

United Way presents to your staff and we work together to coordinate internal payroll deductions. The most successful campaigns include informed executives that provide incentives and use the workplace campaign as a way to create team building opportunities that work towards a common goal. 

Corporate Contribution: 

Staff capacity might be low, and your business might not feel comfortable asking your workers to donate, but you can still contribute on behalf of your company monetarily or by offering discounts, donating supplies or services, or hosting fundraisers with your clients. To create a larger collective impact considering offering a company match.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising:

Another option is to create fun activities for your staff to raise cash in the office. Creating games or competitions can add additional excitement to your campaign. A few ideas are - raffle off a coveted parking spot or extra day off, an office swear jar, jelly bean guess count, or a cutest pet photo contest. The options are limitless and can create a sense of pride for your staff.


Getting out of the office and into the community is a great way to give back and give your employees a break. We can work with you to find a volunteer opportunity that fits your group’s needs and makes a lasting impact. 

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Why United Way? 

In addition to everything that we do ourselves, the main thing we utilize funds for is supporting initiatives throughout our community that all help individuals to escape poverty. There is no one agency that can help our most vulnerable neighbors, we need a variety of programs and organizations working together toward a common goal. That's what the whole ”United"  part is about!

Donating to the United Way is a great way to support a wide range of agencies throughout Shawnee, Douglas, Jackson and Jefferson Counties. Because of the United Way's oversight, you can trust that your donation is being used in the most effective way to help our community. All United Way programs are transparent, data informed, and equity oriented. 


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Become An Ambassador

Within a workplace or out among the community, United Way campaign ambassadors act as an extension of United Way staff and promote campaign participation! These volunteer roles are a crucial part of making the Workplace Campaign as effective as possible. Contact your Workplace Campaign Director to join!


TJ McDonald for Shawnee, Jackson and Jefferson County campaigns


Ali Lesher for Douglas County campaigns