Leave a lasting legacy and ensure people in Douglas County have the tools and support they need to achieve education, health and self sufficiency into perpetuity by making a planned gift to the United Way of Douglas County. By including the United Way in your estate planning you will not only benefit our community for generations to come, you can achieve your and your family’s financial goals as well. Please consider supporting the pivotal work of the United Way through planned gifts of:\

Bequests (through wills or living trusts).
One of the most popular and easiest ways to make a planned gift to the United Way is through your will or living trust. If your will is already written, you can add a gift to the United Way though a simple amendment.

Appreciated Securities.
Contributing stock, bonds, mutual funds or other appreciated assets can provide significant tax benefits for donors.

Appreciated Real Estate.
A charitable gift of residential property, commercial real estate or farmland can offer the donor the combined benefits of bypassing tax on the capital gain and receiving an income tax deduction based on the current market value.

Life Insurance.
There are a number of ways to make a charitable gift with life insurance policies. Make the United Way as the primary, secondary or residual beneficiary of the proceeds of the policy or simply donate the policy and pay the annual premiums. With a relatively modest outlay, a donor can make a substantial gift while receiving tax benefits.

Retirement Funds.
Donating retirement assets is one of the best ways to make a charitable gift because it is easy and caries huge tax benefits. When you name the United Way as the beneficiary of your IRA, pension plan, 401(k) or other retirement account, the proceeds are free from income and estate taxes.

Charitable Gift Annuities.
For donors seeking a stable and predictable annual income from their charitable gift, a charitable gift annuity is a great option.

Pooled Income Funds.
For those who prefer fewer complexities and lower costs than other income-providing charitable gifts, pooled income funds are a good choice. This option combines the irrevocable gifts of many donors into a single pool that is professionally managed and invested. The donors or beneficiaries receive their share of the fund’s annual income for life, after which the donor’s shares are transferred to Forever United, the United Way of Douglas County’s endowment.  

Charitable Remainder Trusts.
Designed for a more substantial gift than a charitable gift annuity or pooled income fund, a variety of charitable trusts are available to suit different donor requirements. For donors who prefer a fixed annual payment, a charitable remainder annuity trust (CRAT) is a good option. A charitable remainder unitrust operates much like a charitable remainder annuity trust, except that the donor receives an annual payment that fluctuates with the value of the trust assets.

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The information provided here should not be construed as legal or financial advice regarding income tax, legal or investment planning matters. Please consult with your attorney, financial or estate planning professional to ensure that your overall estate plan is the best one possible for you and your family.