Board Leadership Training



Become an effective non-profit board leader!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to join a nonprofit Board of Directors? Maybe you’ve considered board service but just didn’t know where to start. United Way’s Board Leadership Training has the answers and support you are looking for. Our introduction to board leadership breaks it down into understandable pieces, gives you the opportunity to test your skills and brings in local experts to take the mystery out of becoming a board member. And once you’ve finished the course, we won’t leave to out there on your own! You can join our Facebook group and make more connections and ask questions.

Board Leadership (9 hours)
Cost: $75

You must attend both days to complete the course. Please do not register if you cannot commit to both sessions.

Welcome to the BoardParticipants of Board Leadership training take a group photo on a curving staircase

  • What do boards do?
  • Why do you serve?
  • Understanding Impact
  • Strategic Planning

Ethical Leadership

  • Legal Perspectives
  • Governance Vs Management
  • Checking the By-Laws
  • Effective Meetings
  • Point of View

Understanding the Dollars and Cents

  • Fiscal Responsibilities
  • Understanding the Budget
  • Financial Statements
  • Form 990

Have questions? Contact Jess Barraclough, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, at 785. 228.5120.