Donation Guide

 Douglas County Donation Guide 

Looking to donate goods? Awesome! You’re in the right place.

An important role the United Way serves in Douglas County is facilitation connections and acting as a resource hub. Please review the donation recommendations below and contact us if you have questions or need additional help.

Large or Recurring Donations

Do you have a large or recurring goods donation that you want to distribute to multiple agencies? Please contact us for assistance. We are happy to help distribute your donated items equitably to agencies serving the Douglas County community.


You’ve been kind enough to think of donating things you don’t need - please continue to be thoughtful about the rest of the donation process!

If you donate more than once – spread the love! There are so many great organizations that can use your support.

Anything that is donated should be clean and in good condition, examples are:

If you donate clothing or bedding– make sure it is clean, and in good wearable/usable condition.

If you donate underwear or socks – they should be new and in the package if possible.

If you donate furniture – make sure to wipe it down first and empty any drawers.

If you donate an appliance – make sure to wipe it down and check that it works.

If you donate a computer or other electronic – make sure it works, wipe it down, include any necessary power chords or remotes and clear your personal data from the device.

If a non-profit has a specific list of needs, stick to the list!

There is a common conception that non-profits can use anything they can get. We do need your support, but we can’t always make use of every type of donation. Different agencies have different needs and getting donations of things that aren’t currently needed can take up volunteer/staff time and storage capacity.

Check the donation hours or make an appointment before you go!

Some agencies have specific donation hours where volunteers and staff are available to help you. It works best for everyone if we stick to the plan. If you need to donate and can’t make those hours, contact the agency before you go and work together to find a solution.

In addition, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many agencies are currently accepting donations by appointment only.

Agency Information

We’re providing the information below to help you find the best home for your donations.

Step 1) Find agencies that you think are a fit for your donation based on their general needs

Step 2) Check their current needs and make sure they need what you have to donate

Step 3) Follow the donation instructions!