Family Success

Family Success

Families in our community, particularly those from historically under-resourced communities, face a series of barriers to achieving success and economic stability and mobility. Systems are not integrated and provide barriers to families seeking services. Often, systems focus on either parents/caregivers or on children. Rarely do they focus on both generations. Our aim is to invest in areas that are both child-focused and parent/caregiver-focused with a view to integrating services through partnerships and collaboration.

Strategy Direction

  • K-12 Supports- 
    • Promote supports for academic success for students and families (for example: reading, math, attendance, behavior, mentoring, etc.).
    • Promote supports for on-time student graduation. 
    • Promote supports for students to graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful beyond secondary education.
    • Promote preparation for post-secondary pathways (for example: GED, college and career readiness, etc.).


  • Workforce Readiness & Employment Success- 
    • Promote supports for workforce development among youth and adults
    • Promote supports for employment success: household sustaining employment and upward economic mobility.


  • Youth Financial Literacy- 
    • Promote increased financial literacy for youth

Population of Focus

  • Low to moderate income (LMI) Families with preference to families with children ages 0-17. 
  • Historically under-resourced populations.