Wallace Galluzzi Volunteer of the Year Award


Wallace Galluzzi

Every year the United Way of Kaw Valley (previously United Way of Douglas County) gives out an award named in honor of the late Wallace Galluzzi, celebrating the outstanding achievements of local volunteers, and promoting exceptional volunteerism as an important way that individuals can make positive impacts in our community. 

Wallace Galluzzi came to Lawrence in 1963 to serve as president of Haskell University, where there is still a hall named in his honor, and later an officer with the Douglas County Bank. He was one of the most personally popular people in Lawrence. In 1983 he volunteered to lead the United Way Campaign, which at the time was called the United Fund Drive.  

Wally had a wonderful spirit in which he accomplished his own volunteer initiatives. Wally approached his volunteer efforts with great enthusiasm and a most powerful sense of optimism. When he took on a volunteer project, he was both thorough and creative in approaching the task. He had a wonderful approach to other volunteers with whom he was involved that caused them to want to follow his lead. An incredibly cordial and warm person, he was also funny. Above all he really cared about what he was doing in his volunteer projects, and because of that, he was not only an effective worker but an outstanding spokesperson for his favorite volunteer activities. His dedication as a volunteer in this role was remarkable, and when he passed away the United Way board decided on a volunteer recognition award as a means of honoring Wally Galluzzi. 


Since the inception of the award, we have given out this award every year, and on occasion, we’ve chosen multiple recipients! 

Find a complete list of Galluzzi Award winners below! 

Nominations are closed!



2022 Darlene Morell                Peers offering Peer Support (POPS)

2022 Wendo Kimori                 Lawrence Branch NAACP Youth Council (youth recipient)

2021 Susan Schott                  Lawrence Habitat For Humanity

2021 Chaney Finkeldei           L.I.N.K (youth recipient)

2020 Marion Belcher              Ballard Community Center

2020 Taryn Wells                    United Way of Douglas County (youth recipient)

2019 Kristi Hill                         Lawrence Winter Shelter

2018 Grant Huddin                 United Way of Douglas County

2017 Elaine Fellenstein          United Way of Douglas County 

2016 Hernan Nieto

2015 Gloria Eberle                   Black Hills Corporation

2014* Katenay, Niebaum, Rankin, Kleinberg and Graves

2013* 50 Honored & 2 Groups  7 Special Recognition - Several Categories

2012* Taylor Moldenhauer      Lawrence Memorial Hospital (youth recipient)

2012 Susan Stuever               Health Care Access

2011* Logan Brown                 GaDuGi Safe Center (youth recipient)

2011 Jim McMurray                Habitat for Humanity

2010 Katie Becker                  Douglas County CASA               

2010 Mckenzie Brungardt     American Red Cross (youth recipient)

2009 Brian Daldorph             Douglas County Correctional Facility

2009 Shai Jackson                Big Brothers Big Sisters (youth recipient)

2008 Pete Peterson               LINK

2008 Sarah Stern                   Youth Volunteer Corps (youth recipient)

2007 Reathyl Brummett        Lawrence Memorial Hospital

2007 Justine Ahle                  Lawrence Memorial Hospital (youth recipient)

2006 Eleanor Symons           Kansas Audio-Reader Network

2006 Justin Esau                   Salvation Army and Trinity Episcopal Church (youth recipient)

2005 Truman “Bud” Waugh Douglas County Emergency Management

2005 Kate Falkenstein          Ballard Community Center (youth recipient)

2004 Dr. Edward Manda       Douglas County Dental Clinic

2004 Yuan Liu                        Partnership for Children and Youth (youth recipient)

2003 Carolyn Landgrebe      Meals on Wheels

2003 Ariel George                  Roger Hill Volunteer Center (youth recipient)

2002 Rita Cosby                     Ninth Street Outreach Center

2002 Pat Harmon                  21st Century Learning Center at Woodlawn Elementary (youth recipient)

2001 Marty Waddell Smith   Douglas County CASA

2000 Becky & Doug Eason    Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Douglas County

1999 Greta Georgeson           Catholic Community Services

1998 Maxine Hougland         Social Service League

1997 Beverly Cates                Douglas County Visiting Nurses Association

1996 Shalley Gasper             Hospice Care in Douglas Cty

1995 Brad Phipps                  Health Care Access, Inc.

1994 Bob Wells                       Boys & Girls Club

1993 Gay Doudoroff              Headquarters

1992 Alita Cooper                  Douglas County Child Development Association

1991 Judi Kellas                    First Step House

1990 Lyman Wiley                 ARC of Douglas County

1989 Marcella Wolfson         American Red Cross, Douglas County Chapter

1988 LeMerle McCoy            Ballard Community Center

1987 Diane Duffy                   Douglas City Rape Victim Survivor Services

1986 Emma Margan              Hospice Care in Douglas County

1985 AE Lee                            Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence



2012 Joanne Hurst             

2009 Al Hack

2008 Hank Booth   


*Special Recognition

2014 28 Honored  - 5 Exceptional & 23 Outstanding


Frank Male, Sr        American Red Cross

Carl Graves             Audio-Reader Network

Kennedy Cooper    Ballard Penn House

JaCorey Shepherd Kansas Big Brother Big Sister program serving Douglas County

Tammy Howell         Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence

Rachel Paxton         Center for Community Outreach

Jill Kleinberg           Douglas County CASA Inc

Kristen Helling        Douglas County Dental Clinic

David Hamby           Family Promise of Lawrence

Lisa Simmons         Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri

Steve Lopes            Headquarters Inc.

Larry Rankin           Health Care Access

Heather Brust         Heartland Community Health Center

Mary Blythe             Independence Inc.

Bob Harwood          Lawrence Community Shelter

Michelle Fales         Lawrence Free State High School Booster Club

Ron King                 Lawrence Habitat for Humanity

Janet D’Ercole        Lawrence Humane Society

John Priddle           Lawrence Meals on Wheels, Boy Scouts of America Pelathe District & Salvation Army

Judy Niebaum        Small World

Doug Katenay        Social Service League

Beth Ann Bittlingmayer Success By 6 Coalition of Douglas County

Cheri Varvil            Ten Thousand Villages

Paula Nigh              Theatre Lawrence

Jennifer Sherwood United Way of Douglas County

Daniel B. Smith       Van Go Inc

Janet Dehnert         Willow Domestic Violence Center


2013 Agency Volunteers of the Year  

10 years or more with the agencies listed 

Jim Ballinger, Theatre Lawrence 

Sue Eckhoff, Douglas County Senior Services 

Jerry Foree, Theatre Lawrence 

Arline Seely-Bensch, Kansas Audio-Reader 

Russ & Diane Hailey, Family Promise 

Steve Hillmer, Habitat for Humanity 

Kenny Johnson, Hidden Valley Camp 

Susan K Jones (posthumous nomination), Small World 


Leadership/Board Service 

Ruby Demoe, Recovery & Hope Network 

Brad Finkeidei, Family Promise 

Jill Giele, Friends of Hidden Valley 

Sue Lewis, United Way of Douglas County 

Helen Seymour, Douglas County CASA 

Lori Tesdahl, Kansas Audio-Reader Network 

Terrance Tidzump, Recovery & Hope Network 

Linda Jalenak, Habitat for Humanity 

Group or Family 

The Garden Volunteers-Frank Male, Craig Sweets, & Melissa Wick, Kansas Audio Reader Network 

Meadowlark Estates, Habitat for Humanity 

Robilea Swindell & Jerry Frees, Douglas County Emergency Management 

The Sandefur Family, Family Promise 

The Wiley Family, Meals on Wheels 

Youth & College 

Adele Falk, The Willow  

Maddie Jones, Grace Hospice 

Sadie Keller, Habitat for Humanity 

Joel Rosenberger, Habitat for Humanity 

Paige Schmidt, Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority 

Bill Wilson, Douglas County Aids Project 

Special Projects & Behind the Scenes 

Nathan Hutchcraft, United Way of Douglas County  

Don Kallos, Girl Scouts 

Dianne Mahoney, The Willow 

Janet Mills, Trinity In-Home Care 

Drew White, Independence, Inc 

Direct Service 

Dr. Bill Anderson, Van Go, Inc 

Bev Bartscher, Lawrence Memorial Hospital 

Stuart Beals, Habitat for Humanity 

Alicia Cusano, The Willow 

Michele Dillon, Grace Hospice 

Barb Heeb, Health Care Access 

Earline Jones, Lawrence Humane Society 

Rob Land, Douglas County Aids Project 

Nicole Lopez, Douglas County Aids Project 

Bruce Miller, Social Service League 

Al & Connie Negen, Family Promise 

Liz Niswonger, Meals on Wheels 

Anna Paradis, Dougals County CASA 

Mike Pryor, Just Food 

Molly Schemm, StopGap, Inc 

Gary Schmidt, Douglas County CASA 

Melissa Streit, Douglas County Aids Project 


2012 Agency Volunteers of the Year Recognition 

Lifetime Service 

Ruth Fredrickson       Lawrence Meals on Wheels 

Jon Heeb                     Habitat for Humanity 

Monica Kurz               Headquarters Counseling Center 

John  Lingenfelsar      Family Promise 

Vern Norwood           Willow Domestic Violence Center 

Jan Shumway              Kansas Audio Reader Network 

Karen Warner             Friends of Hidden Valley, Inc. and Lawrence Hidden Valley Committee, Inc. 

 Contributions by a Group or Family 

Jill Conrad                     Lawrence Habitat for Humanity 

Ed Quick                        Health Care Access 

Jim & Thelma Taylor   Kansas Audio Reader Network 

Ron Guerin & Karen Cochran Willow Domestic Violence Center 

Steve Lopes & Lois Orth-Lopes Headquarters Counseling, Inc. 

 Leadership/Board Service 

Rebecca Dick             United Way of Douglas County 

Mary Jones                LINK 

Will Katz                     Headquarters Counseling Center 

Matt Llewellyn          Boys and Girls Club 

Michelle Mailand     Habitat for Humanity 

Mary Metz                Willow Domestic Violence Center 

Dianna Nelson          Lawrence Memorial Hospital 

Cindy Penzler            Kansas Audio Reader Network 

Brian Seymour          Douglas County CASA 

Camille Stuckey        Family Promise 

Margaret Townsend Friends of Hidden Valley 

 Direct Service  

Harold Asner             Kansas Audio Reader Network 

Rima Bonario            Prairie Moon Waldorf School 

Charley Crabtree      Independence Inc. 

Carl Craig                   Lawrence Memorial Hospital 

Kelsey Crawford       Grace Hospice 

Ken Karr                     Watkins Community Museum of History 

Linda & Richard Knabe Douglas County Senior Services 

Dan Kuhlman            Family Promise 

Linda Lungstrom      Lawrence Meals on Wheels 

Charlie Thomas        Watkins Community Museum of History 

Kristin Vernon           Headquarters Counseling Center 

Angela Woods          Willow Domestic Violence Center 

Erika Zimmerman    Habitat for Humanity 


Adam Miltner           Habitat for Humanity 

Joe Schremmer        Kansas Audio Reader Network 

Austin Steer              Grace Hospice 


2011 Agency Volunteers of the Year Recognition 

 Lifetime Service 

Diane Sanders, Lawrence Meals on Wheels 

Jeanette Kekahbah, CLO’s Midnight Farm 

Geneva Pohl, Lawrence Memorial Hospital 

Elaine Fellenstein, United Way of Douglas County 

JoAnna Traxler, Lawrence Humane Society 

Ruth Turney, Douglas County Correctional Facility 

Lee Young, Audio-Reader 

Rick Mitchell, Prairie Moon Waldorf School 


Beth and Marshall Kelly, Douglas County CASA 

Donna and Charles Decedue, Audio-Reader 


Bassam Chahine and Mahboob Ahmed from the Islamic Center, Lawrence Meals on Wheels 

Libby Johnson and Jill Nowak from Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Douglas County CASA 

Gary and Susie Bartlett from the River City Cosmopolitan Club, Health Care Access Clinic 

Tyler Setter from Kappa Sigma fraternity, Cottonwood Inc. 

Jennifer Nigro representing the Massage Therapy Readers, Audio-Reader 

Tom Wilson from Teller’s Restaurant, Visiting Nurses of Douglas County 

Dan Bjornson from Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, Project LIVELY 

Leadership/Board Service 

Marilyn Harp, Lawrence Habitat for Humanity 

Jeri Safarik, Lawrence Meals on Wheels 

Jill LaPoint, Douglas County CASA 

Mark Batesel, Douglas County AIDS Project 

Earl Nehring, Kansas Advocates for Better Care 

Reaumur Donnally, Lawrence Memorial Hospital 

Beverly Billings, United Way of Douglas County 

Tammy Farmer, Kansas Lyme Fighters Inc. 

Susan Stuever, Lawrence Habitat for Humanity 

Randy Austin, Audio Reader 

RJ Stephenson, Friends of the Kaw 

Direct Service 

Belinda Schuman, Lawrence Meals on Wheels 

Kate Marlton, Douglas County AIDS Project 

Nicole Dyke, ECKAN 

Elizabeth Patton, Lawrence Humane Society 

Grace Oshel, Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen (LINK) 

David Dunford, Audio-Reader 

Sue Suhler, Van-Go 

Collegiate Service 

Jessica Goode, CLO’s Midnight Farm 

Larissa Maranell,  Lawrence Humane Society 

Laura Windheuser, Douglas County CASA 


Ben Novorr, Douglas County CASA 

Bailey Adams, ERC Resource & Referral