Eudora Resource Center

 United Way Eudora resource center 

The United Way Eudora Resource Center (UWERC) was established in 2020 in partnership with the Eudora Community Library. UWERC was staffed by AmeriCorps volunteer, Mary Kirkendoll, until her service ended in August 2021. Through a Douglas County Community Foundation grant, Mary continued to work as the Eudora Community Navigator with United Way until the end of December 2021. With collaborative funding for 2022, Mary is continuing the work as a Resource Navigator through the Eudora Community Library and United Way of Douglas County. She is also working with Bob Tryanski, Director of the Douglas County Behavioral Health Projects, to add peer support into resource navigation provided to the Eudora community. Mary can connect Eudora community members with social service resources in Eudora and Douglas County and there is no cost for any services provided by the Community Navigator. 



Mary Kirkendoll can be reached at or (785) 550-5928