Wallace Galluzzi Nominations 2022

volunteerismEvery year the United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center gives out an award to honor individuals who showed selfless and exemplary volunteer service. This award, named after Wallace Galluzzi, is open to community nominations, and here you can submit the name of one such individual for consideration for the 2022 year!

Wallace Galluzzi came to Lawrence in 1963 to serve as president of Haskell University, where there is still a hall named in his honor. In 1983 he volunteered to lead the United Way Campaign, which at the time was called the United Fund Drive. His dedication as a volunteer in this role was remarkable, and when he passed away the following year it was decided to name our annual volunteer award after him. Since then we have given out this award every year, and on occasion, we’ve chosen multiple recipients!

Applications due February 28, 2023

Prior Recipients can be found Online


Galluzzi Nomination 2022

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